A Game So Nice I’ll Play it Twice

New to this website? Welcome! If you’re looking for the story about my last three months at Kaiser, fighting the system from the inside out, you can find all the posts in order at the tab “The First 90 Days (Reader’s Edition).” Happy reading!

I’m in the process of launching another ninety day campaign to reform the delivery of mental health services at Kaiser. After a rejuvenating summer, I’m jumping off the fence to organize a new wave of legal challenges to the current system of care.

Since Kaiser is the number one provider of mental health services in California, if we can effectively leverage the corporation through the judicial systm to provide better mental health care, we will have done much to improve the health of our communities. We’ve already made a great start.

While the first “90 Days” might be seen as a primer for fighting an institution from the inside out, the next segment will, if I’m lucky, show how to follow through from the outside.

And support oneself financially in the process.

Stay tuned.